Fifty percent (50%) of kids in impoverished areas start preschool or kindergarten behind their peers from communities that are more affluent. When children start behind, they tend to stay behind; a child not reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade is (3x) three times more likely to drop out of high school. At this point in time New Mexico ranks last or close to last in education. On the adverse New Mexico ranks higher than many bigger states for incarceration of individuals based on population. This is unjust basically giving our children a direct route to failure.

We at No Squad intend to identify those children and begin to address behaviors and attitudes long before the criminal justice system gets involved thus labeling the child. In Otero County alone children are reported as early as six years old to Children Youth and Probation calling it a referral when involved or suspected of breaking the law. Parents are to take their child for an initial meeting with a juvenile probation officer then pending the outcome the child can be referred to court to see a judge and given a juvenile lawyer to represent them. Thus, becoming a product of the system at an early age which can be detrimental at an early developmental age for a child.

The school system has their hands tied in how to deal with students and as such they depend on local law enforcement to control kids when they deem them out of control or a threat. This can happen for a simple argument between students or the teacher once faculty believes the situation is escalated. Training for these types of circumstances seems far and in between on how to successfully deal with the situation thereby breaking the trust between student and teacher, child and adult, and child and authority.