To bring the focus of the importance of child growth. Giving the child a chance to be successful and allow them to feel they are apart of the community. Allowing our children to take medication is not always the answer and for No Squad not the answer at all. Once a child is put on medication at an early age it is proven there is a significant higher chance the child will continue to take medication in their adult years. It is impossible for a child to grow and develop coping skills while on medication when they feel a certain way, they will just pop a pill per say. There is a lot of work needed to be done and programs to help kids deal with certain anxieties and coping skills. We at No Squad intend to get programs started to deal with exactly that. Though we are not against medication in extreme circumstances will do feel it should be closely monitored and the amount dosages should pertain to the individual child. We intend to treat preventative measures in helping children deal with their emotions, living conditions, schools and amongst their peers.

We want to help them identify situations that may be of harm and give them the tools to deal with them in a respectable manner. The approach is different because we don’t focus on wrong or right which is most kids’ arguments. We focus on the best way to lessen a foreseeable harsh situation. Preparing our kids with the knowledge and understanding to either remove themselves or handle the situation in a just manner.

We are losing to many children to street violence, police brutality, racism, incarceration, bullying, etc.… Our kids are feeling no one cares about them, that they are misunderstood, and they don’t fit in society. When we don’t identify or can’t control the behavior the first recommendation is medication. This same formula is used in prisons to keep the inmate calm per say. They are giving medication not because it is proven they need it, it is given to make sure they are not a threat to themselves or others during their incarceration. Upon release they are given a thirty-day supply and directed to find a doctor to continue their meds once out. Bottomline our children need coping skills and the knowledge to identify problems as well as preventable measures.